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Patient Testimonial

"We have had a lot of drs appts for our son lately and Dr. Babu has exceeded our expectations immensely. He is personable and very informative really makes you feel comfortable. Our 6 year old son really likes him and Dr. Babu always talks to him and interacts with him as well as us. Great bedside manner with patients. Dr Babu is always willing to answer our questions and we really feel he cares about our sons treatment. Great doctor and his staff is every friendly and professional. Thanks for taking care of our family."


Patient Testimonial

"I came to the Michigan Ear Institute and Dennis Bojrab, M.D. because my local ENT physician was frustrated, saying after much testing that he could only determine the cause for my total loss of hearing in one ear by postmortem exam! Instead, Dr. Bojrab confidently explained my situation - then surgically implanted the device he invented to replace bones of my inner ear that had deteriorated. Dr. Bojrab cautioned my restored hearing would eventually require me to use hearing aids about five to ten years after the surgery. It was not until last year though, fifteen years after the surgery, I returned to MEI where Audiologist Joy Wolney, Au.D., has flawlessly and pleasantly helped me transition to using state of art hearing aids. I am truly grateful for the expertise with which these MEI professionals have enabled me to hear properly for many years and for years to come. Thank you ever so much for your help in maintaining my quality of life. DP"

Patient Testimonial

"I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. S. Babu. I am 65 years young and have been going to ear doctors for around 45 years with complaints of pressure, pain and plugged ears to no avail. Around 17 years ago my hearing in my left ear would come and go and after awhile  I could not hear out of my left ear at all, so that's been about 16 years now. I was so tired of going to doctors and telling them the whole thing over and over again.With the best intentions my family members kept making suggestions go here or try this and really I was done. Then last year I had a very bad ear infection and the young doctor who treated me said when your well you should really go see this doctor, Dr. Babu. So I tucked the card away then one day I thought ok one more try. I told my husband this is it last ear doctor. Well I was right he is my last ear Doctor because he fixed my ear. I had ear surgery and my hearing is OUTSTANDING.He repaired my ear drum and replaced a bone in my ear. On top of all that Dr. Babu is such a wonderful person he takes the time to make sure I understand and speaks to me not at me. He really is great. Thank You MEI - LM"

Patient Stories

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