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Otosclerosis Patient Experience

Can you hear the birds singing? I couldn't. Can you hear what is being said at parties and business meetings? After 20 years of being profoundly deaf, I can hear. Thanks to the skilled hands of Dr. Kartush, and a surgical procedure known as a stapedectomy. Since meeting Dr. Kartush and the MEI staff in January 2003, my life has changed dramatically I CAN HEAR.

After testing Dr. Kartush recommended I have bilateral stapedectomies. Of course I was very anxious about the surgery, and fearful of the unknown. On March 19, 2003 I checked into Providence Hospital for my surgery. Dr. Kartush and the hospital staff were wonderful about putting all of my fears to rest. The surgery itself was completely pain free, and my postoperative discomfort was minimal, and now I can hear. Thank you Dr. Kartush.


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