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Jack M. Kartush, M.D. - Emeritus Physician

The retirement of Jack M. Kartush, M.D. – Retired December 2012

Jack M. Kartush, M.D. ENT Ear DoctorWe have cherished the relationship and expertise of Dr. Kartush over the past 30 years, as he has served as a wonderful physician, surgeon, innovator, mentor, and most importantly, exquisite friend and colleague. While at MEI, Dr. Kartush helped countless number of patients with acoustic tumors, facial paralysis, ear infections, hearing loss and dizziness.

Dr. Kartush is a brilliant person with a big heart and is driven to learn, develop, and share areas of his expertise. He has published over 120 articles, books, and chapters, and he has developed several medial inventions to propel the practice of otology and neurotology. He also has served as a frequent national and international lecturer. We will miss him on a daily basis for the guidance he provides, and we are glad that he will serve as Professor Emeritus at MEI as a lecturer and researcher.

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