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Audiology - Testing

Your MEI Doctor has asked that you obtain an ENG or balance test. This is performed to assess and diagnose balance disorders. Your eye movements are monitored by electrodes taped near the eyes or with video recording goggles as visual tasks are performed. This examination will include a caloric test, in which the ears are irrigated with warm and cold air to assess the function of the inner ear. These irrigations may cause brief dizziness.

Before the ENG Test -- When preparing for the testing it is essential to discontinue the following medications 48 hours before doing the test:

  1. Barbiturates
  2. Tranquilizers
  3. Antihistamines
  4. Drugs for Dizziness

These medications also include any patches worn behind the ear.

Do Not discontinue medications prescribed for diabetes, cardiac conditions, seizure activity, or blood pressure management.

No caffeinated or alcoholic beverages should be taken at least 48 hours prior to the test.

No smoking, food or liquids for at least 2 hours prior to the test. 

Please arrange to have someone come with you if possible, although this is not absolutely necessary.

Women: Please do not apply any type of make-up, cream or powder prior to the testing. Please wear comfortable slacks.

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