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Due to the Covid 19 crisis the Michigan Ear Institute has transitioned our appointments to include telemedicine visits.

This will allow access to your physician with a virtual visit using your laptop or smartphone. Evaluation of the ear canal, ear cleanings, and hearing tests are not possible. Insurances will be billed for these appointments.

Please call our office at 248-865-4444 to check on eligibility.

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We intend to continue to see patients during normal business hours in accordance with CDC guidelines. Michigan Ear Institute's highest priority is always the safety of our patients and staff. We are closely monitoring this evolving COVID-19 situation and are in regular contact with health agencies for information and guidance. As always, we maintain close relationships with local, state, national and international public health authorities and will inform you if anything changes.

We implemented preventive measures as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as our own health and hygiene protocols.

We ask that patients experiencing symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, flu-like symptoms, or who have been around those experiencing similar symptoms call to reschedule their appointments. Patients are also asked to limit bringing more than one additional person to their appointment.

The Michigan Ear Institute is one of the nations leading surgical groups specializing in hearing, dizziness, inner ear, skull base, and facial nerve disorders in adults and kids.

Our professional staff is comprised of a highly skilled, experienced team of otologists, neurotologists, audiologists who have earned national and international recognition for their outstanding diagnostic, surgical and research achievements.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, dignified care for our patients. We are advancing the level of medical research and education devoted to the understanding and treatment of diseases affecting the ear and its related structures.

We encourage professional referrals to the Institute, and welcome the opportunity to participate with our professional colleagues in achieving results and improving the quality of life for our patients.

Practice News 2019 - 2020

It was life-changing. Former teacher who lost hearing decades ago gets cochlear implant

December 19th, 2019

Lott went to see neurologist Dr. Seilesh Babu of the Michigan Ear Institute in Southfield, a partner of Ascension Providence.

"Hearing loss is a very isolating event," he said. "When it occurs, people become depressed, so they don't interact with people as much."

Babu told Lott about the cochlear implant – a small electronic device that helps people hear.

Full Article and Video on ABC Detroit


Surgeon says Kelly Stafford prognosis is good, hearing loss could be one long-term issue By: Jim Kiertzner

April 3rd, 2019

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Kelly Stafford shocked everyone when she posted on social media that she has a brain tumor and is terrified about having brain surgery.

Kelly Stafford, wife of Matthew Stafford, having brain surgery to remove tumor Friends, fans send well-wishes to Kelly Stafford after brain surgery announcement.

Dr. Seilesh Babu of Ascension Providence Hospital and the Michigan Ear institute says her prognosis is good.

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Allergy Testing and Treatment

Recognizing that allergic disease is a major contributing factor to many conditions affecting the ear, Dr. Ilka Naumann is now offering allergy testing and treatment to patients at the Michigan Ear Institute at our Farmington Hills Location.

Learn More about Our Allergy Services

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FYZICAL® Dizziness and Falls Prevention Center at Michigan Ear Institute - Farmington Hills, MI


FYZICAL® center @ Michigan Ear Institute Farmington Hills is unlike any therapy center you’ve been to before. At FYZICAL®, our highly skilled, compassionate team of physical therapists are 100% focused on achieving optimal health and wellness for you so you can get back to living the life you enjoy. Unlike other therapy centers, you will receive a specific program designed uniquely for you. NO 'one program fits all' here. There is NO other you!



Here’s to a something happy in the new year …

In a year that’s been filled with adversity, including natural disasters, financial pressure, and a pandemic; it’s more important than ever to lend a hand to those in our community, especially those most impacted by this year’s challenges. We’re partnering with the "ReSound Gives Sound" program to help deliver up to $1 million dollars worth of ReSound ONE™ hearing aids to those most in need.

“2020 was filled with a lot of adversity. We want to lend a hand to those in our community who are struggling with hearing loss, especially those most impacted by the pandemic,” says Michigan Ear Institute.

Our practice is relying on those in our community to step up and nominate someone they know who has experienced some hardship in 2020 and could really benefit from having the latest hearing aid technology.

If you know someone that could benefit, please call our clinic at 248-865-4166. We’ll take your nomination over the phone, and will be notifying selected recipients at the end of January.

Resound Hearing Aid

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